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Задание 1 № 112

Перед Вами на экране 5 незаконченных предложений A — E. Внимательно прочитайте их. Прочитайте также варианты ответов в выпадающем списке.

Вы услышите разговор. Для каждого предложения выберите из выпадающего списка концовку, соответствующую содержанию разговора. К каждому предложению подходит только одна концовка. Аудиотекст прозвучит 2 раза. При повторном прослушивании проверьте себя. У Вас есть 45 секунд, чтобы ознакомиться с предложениями.

Воспользуйтесь плеером, чтобы прослушать запись.


А. The narrator says that education is very important in Japan because _________.

1. it gives a chance to get a rewarding job 2. life is very competitive 3. Japanese people have the same job for life


B. According to the narrator pupils should do well at school because _________.

1. they must get a good job as soon as they leave school 2. their parents will be pleased 3. they like receiving excellent marks


C. The narrator says that schoolchildren start to work hard _________.

1. at primary school 2. at the age of 13 3. when they move from primary school to junior school


D. The narrator thinks that schoolchildren are very polite because _________.

1. discipline is not very strict 2. politeness and respect are characteristic of Japanese culture 3. they sit in rows


E. The narrator says that in the evening school children _________.

1. go to the parties 2. go out with their friends 3. go to extra classes and do their homework


Запишите в таблицу выбранные цифры под соответствующими буквами.



Задание 2 № 21

Прочитайте текст вслух. У вас есть полторы минуты на подготовку и полторы минуты, чтобы прочитать текст вслух.


I will never forget my first visit to the Bolshoy Theatre. My mother bought two advance tickets for a performance of the ballet "Sleeping Beauty" by Tchaikovsky. We had come to the theatre long before the performance began. A sign at the entrance of the theatre said "full house". Many people were standing at the entrance of the theatre asking if we had an extra ticket.

We left our coats in the cloakroom and bought a programme from the usher to see what the cast was. I remember we were glad to see that Ulanova was dancing the main part. When we walked into the hall, the orchestra was tuning in their instruments. We found our seats which were in the stalls and went exploring the theatre. My mother showed me the boxes, the pit, the dress-circle and the balconies.

At 12 sharp, the lights went down. The conductor appeared, and the overture began. After the overture, the curtain went up. I had never seen anything more wonderful. The scenery and the dancing were superb. The ballet seemed to be a fairy tale. When the last curtain fell, the house burst into applause. The performance was a great success with the public. It was one of my brightest memories.

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Задание 3 № 962

Выберите фотографию и опишите человека на ней. У вас есть полторы минуты на подготовку и не более двух минут для ответа. У вас должен получиться связный рассказ (7−8 предложений).


План ответа поможет вам:

— the place

— the action

— the person's appearance

— whether you like the picture or not

— why


Start with: “I’d like to describe picture № ... . The picture shows …”


Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3

Решения заданий с развернутым ответом не проверяются автоматически.
На следующей странице вам будет предложено проверить их самостоятельно.

Задание 4 № 49

Установите соответствие между текстами и их темами, выбрав тему из выпадающего списка. Используйте каждую тему только один раз. В задании одна тема лишняя.


This text deals with …

1. Taking English abroad.

2. The rise of America.

3. The French influence.

4. The expansion of learning.

5. Orthographic difference.

6. The global language.


A. A billion people speak English, two-thirds of the world’s scientists write in English, and 85 per cent of the world’s electronic information is stored in English. One result is that the British are terribly lazy about learning other languages. The reasons for the popularity of English are either lost in history, or something to do with the superpower on the other side of the Atlantic.

B. English has many similarities with Romance languages, whose origin is Latin. The words like government, parliament, court, legal, army, crown, state, country, power, and people came to England with the French-speaking Normans. Notice that the word:, are associated with power: Norman-French was used as the language of government. Words of Latin origin are usually longer than words of Germanic origin.

C. The period from the Renaissance to the present day has seen many new ideas and inventions, especially in science and technology. As new things are invented, new words have to be created. Often these new words are created from existing Greek or Latin words put together in new ways. There are now thousands of such words in English. Just think of telephone, television, microscope, and thermometer.

D. Today, there are some differences in vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation between American and British English. Sometimes, the difference in spelling is because Americans wanted to make things simpler, so that a word would be spelled the way it is pronounced. Noah Webster, founder of one of the most famous American English dictionaries, decided to eliminate from a won I any letters that were not pronounced (honor — honour, theater — theatre).

E. During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, British navigators sailed across the seas with the aim of extending Britain’s power and prosperity. They colonized new territories around the world, taking their language with them. In many cast the process of bringing ‘civilisation’ to the existing peoples of these lands was accompanied by cruelty and injustice.


Запишите в таблицу выбранные цифры под соответствующими буквами.



Задание 5 № 85

Прочитайте текст и вставьте вместо каждого пропуска нужную грамматическую форму, выбрав её из выпадающего списка.


A Lawn Chair Pilot

Larry Walters wants to be a pilot. He wants to A____ an airplane. But Larry is not a B____ man. He doesn’t have an airplane. He has only a lawn chair.

Larty ties 45 big balloons to his lawn chair and then sits C____ on the chair. The lawn chair goes up. For a few minutes everything is fine. The view from the lawn chair is beautiful. Larry can D____ houses and trees below him.

He is happy. He is flying! The lawn chair goes up very E____ . Larry is afraid. “I don’t want to go very high,” Larry thinks. “I want to go down a little.” With a small gun Larry shoots 10 balloons. Unfortunately, Larry drops the gun, and it falls to the ground. The chair goes up and up. “I’m flying in a lawn chair and I want to come down!”

Larry flies in the lawn chair for 45 minutes. Then the balloons begin to lose air. Slowly the lawn chair comes down, and Larry is back on the ground. Larry says, “For 45 minutes I was a pilot — the pilot of a lawn chair.”


A 1) drive 2) ride 3) fly 4) lead

B 1) rich 2) famous 3) misery 4) popular

C 1) down 2) at 3) into 4) in

D 1) watch 2) see 3) notice 4) look

E 1) far 2) high 3) slow 4) tall


Запишите в таблицу выбранные цифры под соответствующими буквами.


Задание 6 № 59

Прочитайте текст и вставьте вместо каждого пропуска подходящее слово, выбрав его из выпадающего списка. Два слова в списке лишние.


Monday Sickness

Tom woke up (A)____ on Monday morning. He always woke up (B)____ on Monday mornings. It was the idea of a whole week of school; he almost wished there (C)____ no weekends because that made it even more difficult to go back into captivity. He (D)____ in bed and wondered what he (E)____ invent this time. He listened to his body but could find nothing wrong. A little tummy ache? No. Then he realized that one of his teeth was loose. Tom began to groan. Sid continued to sleep peacefully. Tom groaned more loudly. No result.


1. unhappy; 2. were; 3. suddenly; 4. laid; 5. miserable; 6. could; 7. toes.


Запишите в таблицу выбранные цифры под соответствующими буквами.



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