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При выполнении заданий с кратким ответом впишите в поле для ответа цифру, которая соответствует номеру правильного ответа, или число, слово, последовательность букв (слов) или цифр. Ответ следует записывать без пробелов и каких-либо дополнительных символов.

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Задание 1 № 1

Перед Вами на экране 5 незаконченных предложений A — E. Внимательно прочитайте их. Прочитайте также варианты ответов в выпадающем списке.

Вы услышите разговор в магазине подарков. Для каждого предложения выберите из выпадающего списка концовку, соответствующую содержанию разговора. К каждому предложению подходит только одна концовка. Аудиотекст прозвучит 2 раза. При повторном прослушивании проверьте себя. У Вас есть 45 секунд, чтобы ознакомиться с предложениями.

Воспользуйтесь плеером, чтобы прослушать запись.


А. The man wants to look at the vase _________.

1. next to the teapot 2. behind the cups 3. next to the cups


B. The teapot costs _________.

1. $10 2. $12 3. $20


C. The man wants to give the teapot to his _________.

1. grandmother 2. grandparents 3. grandfather


D. The man's meeting is at _________.

1. 3:30 pm 2. 3 pm 3. 4:30 pm


E. The weather is _________.

1. sunny 2. frosty 3. rainy


Запишите в таблицу выбранные цифры под соответствующими буквами.



Задание 2 № 1688

Прочитайте текст вслух. У вас есть полторы минуты на подготовку и полторы минуты, чтобы прочитать текст вслух.


Kites are popular toys on windy days. We can make a kite of paper, plastic or cloth. We need to stretch it across a light frame. Kites fly high in the air at the ends of long strings. Kites come in many sizes and shapes. For example, some kites have a very simple shape, but others can be in the shape of animals. It is better to fly a kite when there are two people. One person holds the kite facing the wind. The other person holds the kite's string. Many children and even adults fly kites for fun. There are even kite clubs and special events.

Решения заданий с развернутым ответом не проверяются автоматически.
На следующей странице вам будет предложено проверить их самостоятельно.

Задание 3 № 968

Выберите фотографию и опишите человека на ней. У вас есть полторы минуты на подготовку и не более двух минут для ответа. У вас должен получиться связный рассказ (7−8 предложений).


План ответа поможет вам:

— the place

— the action

— the person's appearance

— whether you like the picture or not

— why


Start with: “I’d like to describe picture № ... . The picture shows …”


Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3

Решения заданий с развернутым ответом не проверяются автоматически.
На следующей странице вам будет предложено проверить их самостоятельно.

Задание 4 № 2

Установите соответствие между текстами и их темами, выбрав тему из выпадающего списка. Используйте каждую тему только один раз. В задании одна тема лишняя.


This text deals with …

1. City attractions.

2. A London cinema.

3. A London theatre.

4. A London street.

5. Nature sights.

6. A London museum.


A. The Lake District, in northwest England, is a small area, but extremely beautiful, with the varied delights of soft hills and woodland and the panoramas of the great lakes. The Lake District is more often visited, both by day tourists and holidaymakers, than any other region of outstanding natural beauty in the British Isles.

B. England's most ancient northern city lies on the River Ouse in the centre of the Vale of York between the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors. It was once the principal town of Yorkshire, and it remains the seat of the Archbishop of York. A child-friendly city, its Viking, Castle and Railway museums have plenty to engage young people as well as adults.

C. Along the north part of Trafalgar Square is the famous National Gallery. Founded in 1824, the gallery has since grown into one of the most outstanding and comprehensive collections in the world, with a list of masters ranging from Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt to El Greco and Van Gogh.

D. The London Coliseum famous for its richly decorated interiors was used for variety shows, musical comedies, and stage plays for many years. In 1974 its name was changed to the English National Opera. Today it is used primarily for opera as well as being the London home of the English National Ballet. When not on tour they perform regular seasons throughout the year.

E. The Mall is London's impressive ceremonial way, a broad tree-lined avenue. The spectacular parade takes place here each June to celebrate the official Birthday of the Sovereign. Queen Elizabeth II rides down the avenue in a horse-drawn carriage. Over 1,000 officers and men are on parade, together with two hundred horses; over two hundred musicians march and play as one.


Запишите в таблицу выбранные цифры под соответствующими буквами.



Задание 5 № 3

Прочитайте текст и вставьте вместо каждого пропуска нужную грамматическую форму, выбрав её из выпадающего списка.


The Dog and the Donkey

Once in a small town there lived a baker. He had two pets — a dog and a donkey. The dog kept watch over the house. The donkey carried the bread and the cakes that the baker made. One night a thief A____ into the house. The baker B____ soundly. The dog too was fast asleep, he did not bark at the thief. The donkey saw the thief and wanted to awaken C____ master, so he began to bray loudly. The thief ran away. The baker could not sleep. He came out. He could not understand why the donkey brayed so loudly and he beat the stupid but dutiful donkey very badly. But the D____ house was saved. It was the duty of the dog to keep watch and not of the donkey. However, the donkey turned out to be a E____ guard than the dog.


A 1) broken 2) was breaking 3) broke 4) was broken

B 1) sleeps 2) was sleeping 3) slept 4) has slept

C 1) him 2) her 3) he 4) his

D 1) baker 2) bakers’ 3) baker’s 4) bakers

E 1) good 2) more good 3) best 4) better


Запишите в таблицу выбранные цифры под соответствующими буквами.


Задание 6 № 4

Прочитайте текст и вставьте вместо каждого пропуска подходящее слово, выбрав его из выпадающего списка. Два слова в списке лишние.


A Cap Seller and the Monkeys

There was a cap seller in a city. He used to go from village to village to sell his caps. His way laid A____ a forest. It was a hot summer day and he got tired. To get some rest he sat under a tree. Soon he fell B____ . Many monkeys lived on that tree. When they saw the caps, they climbed down the tree and took the caps. Then they climbed up the tree C ____ .

The cap seller woke up after some time. He found that his caps were missing. He looked up and saw the monkeys wearing his caps. He tried his best to get his caps D____ but he couldn’t. Suddenly an idea occurred to him. He took off his own cap and threw it on the ground. The monkeys did the same, since they are imitators. The cap seller collected all his caps and went E____ happily.


1. again; 2. asleep; 3. around; 4. away; 5. back; 6. thorough; 7. through.


Запишите в таблицу выбранные цифры под соответствующими буквами.



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