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Задание 1 № 107

Перед Вами на экране 5 незаконченных предложений A — E. Внимательно прочитайте их. Прочитайте также варианты ответов в выпадающем списке.

Вы услышите разговор в магазине подарков. Для каждого предложения выберите из выпадающего списка концовку, соответствующую содержанию разговора. К каждому предложению подходит только одна концовка. Аудиотекст прозвучит 2 раза. При повторном прослушивании проверьте себя. У Вас есть 45 секунд, чтобы ознакомиться с предложениями.

Воспользуйтесь плеером, чтобы прослушать запись.


А. The lady would like some _________.

1. breakfast 2. lunch 3. dinner


B. The lady`s name is_________.

1. Mrs. Johnson 2. Mrs. James 3. Mrs. Jones


C. The lady would like some _________.

1. apple juice 2. grapefruit juice 3. orange juice


D. The lady wants to have _________.

1. a pot of black coffee 2. a pot of black tea 3. a pot of green tea


E. The lady will eat _________.

1.four scrambled eggs with four sausages 2. two scrambled eggs with four sausages 3. three scrambled eggs with three sausages


Запишите в таблицу выбранные цифры под соответствующими буквами.



Задание 2 № 12

Прочитайте текст вслух. У вас есть полторы минуты на подготовку и полторы минуты, чтобы прочитать текст вслух.


There are numerous health benefits of owning a pet. The lowered blood pressure of a dog owner, for example, can be explained by the increased exercise taken on a daily basis. Going for a walk with your pet can also facilitate your social interaction, which can improve mood and reduce stress levels. If you live alone, pets can help overcome loneliness and encourage the feeling of responsibility for another being. Pets can also teach people with learning difficulties to communicate with the outside world. That is the miracle of pet ownership.

There is the inevitable downside to pet ownership. The death of a pet can lead to the same, or similar feelings of loss that we experience when we lose a human member of our family.

Решения заданий с развернутым ответом не проверяются автоматически.
На следующей странице вам будет предложено проверить их самостоятельно.

Задание 3 № 971

Выберите фотографию и опишите человека на ней. У вас есть полторы минуты на подготовку и не более двух минут для ответа. У вас должен получиться связный рассказ (7−8 предложений).


План ответа поможет вам:

— the place

— the action

— the person's appearance

— whether you like the picture or not

— why


Start with: “I’d like to describe picture № ... . The picture shows …”


Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3

Решения заданий с развернутым ответом не проверяются автоматически.
На следующей странице вам будет предложено проверить их самостоятельно.

Задание 4 № 53

Установите соответствие между текстами и их темами, выбрав тему из выпадающего списка. Используйте каждую тему только один раз. В задании одна тема лишняя.


This text deals with …

1. School.

2. School uniform.

3. Bullies.

4. Free time.

5. Clothes and looks.

6. Pubs and clubs.


A. British teenagers spend most of their time at school. Students in Britain can leave school at 16 (year 11). This is also the age when most students take their first important exams, GCSEs. They take between five and ten subjects and that means a lot of studying. They are spending more time on homework than teenagers have done before.

B. Visit almost any school in Britain and the first thing you’ll notice is the school uniform. Although school uniform has its advantages, by the time most teenagers are 15 or 16 they are tired of wearing it. When there is more than one school in a town, a school uniform can make differences and rivalries between schools worse.

C. Music is the number one interest for British teens. But they certainly don’t all like the same music! UK garage, hip-hop and new metal are all popular. Teenagers love going out too. However, finding somewhere to go isn’t always easy. Pubs and clubs have strict rules for under 18-year-olds in Britain. It’s no surprise that British teenagers spend more free time online than European or American teens and use chatrooms to make a new friend.

D. In Britain, teenagers judge you by the shirt or trainers you are wearing. Thirty per cent of British teenagers love Nike 150s (trainers that cost $150), but not for sport — for posing!

E. Fifty per cent of teenagers in Britain say they have been bullied because of their race, looks, accent, intelligence or for no reason at all. Sixteen teenagers in Britain have serious problems every year because of bullying. The authorities are trying to find the solution.


Запишите в таблицу выбранные цифры под соответствующими буквами.



Задание 5 № 104

Прочитайте текст и вставьте вместо каждого пропуска нужную грамматическую форму, выбрав её из выпадающего списка.


The Rain Trick

It was a hot day in summer. Tom felt thirsty and thought it A____ nice to have a glass of cold beer in a bar. He found one and got in. He sat at one of the tables near the window and ordered a glass of beer. All around him he saw a lot of people B____ their lunch. While Tom was drinking his beer, he noticed that it had started C____ outside. And he D____ his umbrella at home. So he decided to take a second glass of beer and wait till the rain stopped. The people in the bar did the same as they didn`t want to go out into the rain. An hour passed, but there was no change in the weather. Tom could not wait any longer. He left the bar and stopped in surprise. There was no rain at all. But in front of the bar a fat woman was sitting. She E____ the pavement to make the people inside the bar believe that it was raining hard in the street. In this way people inside were made to believe it and order more and more food.


A 1) is 2) will be 3) was 4) would be

B 1) have 2) has 3) are having 4) having

C 1) rain 2) rains 3) raining 4) rained

D 1) had left 2) left 3) has left 4) have left

E 1) waters 2) was watering 3) watered 4) has been


Запишите в таблицу выбранные цифры под соответствующими буквами.


Задание 6 № 71

Прочитайте текст и вставьте вместо каждого пропуска подходящее слово, выбрав его из выпадающего списка. Два слова в списке лишние.


Nicole Kidman

Australian actor Nicole Kidman (A)____ that female Hollywood actors are now doing (B)____ than men. Even though they are getting good major roles, she still (C)____ they are often treated (D)____ than male actors. Still ‘The Hours’, for which Nicole (E)____ an Oscar in 2003, did better at the box office than many other films. Nicole Kidman has managed to combine a film career with appearances at the theatre more successfully than others. This is partly because she is extremely professional. People in the industry say that she works harder than most others.


1. better; 2. worse; 3. has managed; 4. won; 5. does not believe; 6. feels; 7. works.


Запишите в таблицу выбранные цифры под соответствующими буквами.



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