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Задание 5 № 1691

Прочитайте текст и вставьте вместо каждого пропуска нужную грамматическую форму, выбрав её из четырёх предложенных вариантов.


At the theatre

My mother goes to the theatre whenever she can. When a new play is on, she usually reads the review on the Internet to find out (1)__________ about the play. Last week a new comedy was staged at the city theatre. The reviews on the Internet (2)_________ it was very good. My father (3)________ comedies. So, my mom and I (4)______ the theatre without him. Unfortunately, we were a little late. We missed the beginning, but the rest of the play (5)_________ very funny. The actors were very good. The reviews on the Internet were right. We enjoyed every minute of the performance.


A 1) much 2) more 3) many 4) most

B 1) says 2) said 3) were saying 4) has said

C 1) don't like 2) likes 3) doesn't like 4) liked

D 1) have gone 2) are going 3) will go 4) went

E 1) was 2) is 3) will be 4) were




A. 2 (другие варианты не используются в данном контексте).

B. 2 (по контексту требуется использование Past Simple).

C. 3 (по контексту требуется использование отрицательной формы Present Simple).

D. 4 (по контексту требуется использование Past Simple).

E. 1(по контексту требуется использование формы Past Simple).


Ответ: 22341.